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We are trying to keep ZLURP! FREEWARE. But as in everything, it does cost us money to keep up a website, buy computer equipment, supply internet access and web hosting, pay speeding tickets...to name a few of the many things involved in the development of ZLURP!

"But I'm just one person" you say...Yes this is true. However, there are many things you could do to help us out, or just make our little ZLURP! creating lives happier.

1. You could sign up for PalPal.com
As a new member they are willing to will give you $5.00 for signing up, and us $5.00 for referring you. Many people are already using this to trade goods on E-Bay. To join just click on this link:

2. Do you like cute little stuffed animals?
We are taking donations in any size.
But with your $20.00 donation we will ship you one of these cute little PLUSH COW TOYS.
She stands about 10 inches tall, and is full of beans. YellowCow makes a really nice little gift.
She's holding a FULL sized CD-ROM as a size reference.

I'm sorry to report that Yellow Cow is now unavailable! :-(
I will be looking for a suitable cow replacement!


Click to see larger image

3. Do you like DVD's?
We sure do! True story! Next time you are going to buy a DVD movie...
Think of us! Nothing says ZLURP! loving like a DVD movie.

Ilana's Wishlist
Chuck's Wishlist

4. Do you have old hardware?
We could always use hardware that is not too outdated.
Do you have a CD-ROM drive you can donate? 
The more we get, the more drives can get support!

5. Do you work for an ISP?
We would love to have a DSL line installed for FREE!

6. Do you buy computer hardware or software?
Buy it from Dustin Arft @ cdw.com. No, we don't get any money if you do.
He's just a friend and it would make him happy. If he's happy he might remain nice to me.
Call TOLL FREE 877-325-3009. Or just drop him an e-mail: Dustin CDW Arft

7. Do you like seeing your name on a web site?
We post your name or company name in the Donations section!




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